Planet of Hats

Planet of hats is a 'realplay' podcast where we play a crew of actors putting on a TV show about a spaceship. We're playing the 'Planet of Hats' roleplaying game, which was created specifically for our podcast by a madman who hates free time.


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If you're familiar with RSS/ATOM feeds, feel free to use those. Otherwise we're available the on walled garden of your choice.

The Ogg version is better, but Apple devices won't play Ogg files, so Apple users will need to get a better OS. Oh, sorry, I mean use the MP3 version. Why yes, this podcast IS being produced by a grumpy linux curmudgeon. Why do you ask?

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Episode 2 - FishShip: It's Alive! - The Maltese MacGuffun

Episode 1 - FishShip: It's Alive! - Where is... Badass McCoolname?

Episode 0 - FishShip: It's Alive! - Fish among the stars